1. In Hadees it is called as
  2. In Arabic it is called as Hindba,
  3. In Hindi &Urdu it is called as
  4. In English it is called as Chicory, Blue daisy, Blue
  5. In Latin it is called as Cichorium


Prophet صلي الله عليه وسلم’s guidance about Kasni : –

Hindba (Kasni) & Jannah water drops: –

  1. Hazrat Abdullah  Bin  Abbas  says  that  Rasoolullah صلي الله عليه وسلم said, “For  you  Hindba   (Kasni)  (Chicory)  is  present,  because  no part  of  day  passes  without  showering  the  drops  of  Jannah water on               [Abu Nu-aim: vol. no. 3; page no 435]
  2. It is  mentioned  in  Abu  Nuaim  that  Eat  Hindba    (Kasni) (Chicory) without shaking it because no part of the day is passed without showering the Jannah  water drops on

[Abu Nu-aim: 3659]

  1. Eat Hindba  (Kasni)  (Chicory)  &  do  not  shake  its  leaves

because no day is passed without showering on it the water drops of Jannah.

[At-tibbe-Nabawi; vol. no. 1; page no. 314]

  1. One who  eats  Hindba  (Kasni)  (Chicory)  &  goes  to  sleep, poison & evil spirit (Jadoo et) will not affect him.

[Abu Nu-aim; vol. no. 2; page no. 5]

  1. None of  the  leaves  of  Hindba  (Kasni)  (Chicory)  is  there which is not showered by Jannah Water drops.

[At-tibbe-Nabawi; vol. no. 1; page no. 314]

Content of it: –

Calcium, iron, magnesia, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, zinc, sugar, dietary fibers, protein, vitamin A,C,E,B1,B2,B3,B5.B6,B7 Etc.

Its oil content: –

Cichoria (a glycoside), potassium, sodium, calcium, phosphorus, aluminum, chloride, carbonate, silicon, palmatic, oletic, satearic, linoleic acid & etc.

Scientific benefits: –

  1. The extract of Kasni (Chicory) leaves can be applied on scorpion bite.
  2. It relieves pain &
  3. Its water extract can be dropped in eyes for
  4. It normalizes fever.
  5. Reliefs urinary problems, improves
  6. Removes obstruction of liver, gall bladder & helps in
  7. Best if used with dates or olive oil or tukham e kasoos or
  8. Removes     constipation,      relieves      mouth     bleeding,      kidney inflammation, kidney
  9. It is best in all types of cough, diarrhea &
  • Gargle can be done with Kasni (Chicory) water in sore throat, mouth ulcers &
  1. Best in fever &

Science & Hadees regarding Kasni: –

In Hadees it is mentioned that its plant is showered with Jannah water: –

This needs a research on it.

Digestive System: –

  1. Cichorium intybus (Chicory) leaf extract holds hepato-protective (liver protective) activity against acetaminophen induced liver damage.
  2. The red part of the leaf of Treviso red chicory with a high content of antioxidant anthocyanins could be interesting for development of new food supplements to improve intestinal

Endocrinal System: –

  1. Natural chicoric acid extract (NCRAE) presents an anti- hyperglycemic effect essentially due to a peripheral effect on muscle glucose
  2. Chicory appeared to have short-term (about 2 hours, as far as GTT is concerned) & long-term (28 days, in this study) effects on diabetes. Chicory may be useful as a natural dietary supplement for slowing down the pace of diabetes progress & delaying the development of its
  • The activities possessed by C. intybus are highly desirable for the treatment of NIDDM because it reduces blood glucose levels without inducing adipogenesis in 3T3-L1

Cardiovascular System: –

  1. The water extract of Cichorium intybus has been observed to exhibit a remarkable anti-oxidative effect on LDL & inhibitory effects on the production of thiobarbituric acid reactive substance & the Degradation of fatty acids in LDL.
Others: –

Exhibits antibacterial & antifungal activities.

Conclusion of Hadees: –

Jannah water is showered over its plant daily, so use it without shaking (when used fresh). It prevents evil spirits, poisoning & etc.

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